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IEEE Computer Society Benefits!

IEEE CS is aimed to offer plenty of opportunities to its members to acquire and promote technical skills in their personal and professional spaces. IEEE CS is a leading source of information, and the members can obtain it through webinars, conferences, publications, chapter activities, and magazines.

The additional benefits of a Student Membership is the Computer Society Digital Library which comes as a bonus at a free of cost.Click Here

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Be a member of IEEE CS, the world's leading organization of computing and information technology professionals, and upgrade your career.

What IEEE CS Membership offers:

  • IEEE CS offers trusted content from over 33 magazines and transactions.Click Here
  • There are more than 9,000 conference publications, conferences, events for all technical fields of interest.Click Here
  • Standards Development.
  • More than 45 professional development hours of online learning available to keep you up to date with the things happening with technology with the present day scenario.
  • Learn, collaborate and network at 225 international conferences, 350+ worldwide chapters and 40 technical communities.Click Here
  • Beginner and Advanced Software Developer Certifications.Click Here
  • Deep discounts on all conferences and events.
  • Leadership opportunities, including the opportunity to lead, publish and speak.Click Here

Fields of interest:

All major areas of computing and information technology: computer hardware, software, security, AI, multimedia, IT, networking, mobile computing and more.

Student Membership

Half-year prices from 03/01/2020 to 08/15/2020.

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